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Save More Than 90% Of SEO And Spy Accounts Cost

Save $5140+ Using SEO and Spy Tools Which We Already Bought For You.

Group Buy SEO Tools

What Our GB Members Say...

What Exactly Is This Service?

This is a group buy service for SEO and Spy accounts. We purchase the accounts and share with our clients for a small fee. We have more than 50 tools which are very expensive if you buy them on your own. Most starting businesses can't afford to pay a few hundred or even thousands. We are giving you cutting edge advantage with these tools which only the biggest agencies use. Don't you prefer to pay $15 for a service which usually costs $400 and use the same features? These are entirely legitimate accounts bought from the official vendors. Give us a try, and you will not be disappointed!

100% Money Back Guarantee

We want to give you the best possible experience with our service so we will refund all your money if you don't like our service in 3 days! Just open a support ticket and you will receive your money back. No questions asked!

This service is fully legit. Imagine that a friend of yours buys and account and shares the login with you.
Most accounts are shared with their direct logins, but some need Firefox portable file. As much as we want to give direct logins for each accounts, it's simply not possible because some accounts are detecting IPs, sessions, etc.
You can use most of the accounts on MAC or any other OS, but some accounts use Firefox Portable files which are available only for Windows. If you have MAC you can use WineBottler, Parallels or just buy some cheap VPS to run the files there.
These are shared accounts so you can assume others can see your campaigns if you have saved them. If you are worried about this, then this service is not for you.
Unfortunately no. No matter how hard we try, there are moments when some of the accounts will go down and will need a replace. We are doing our best to monitor the quality of the service. If there is any issues with some of the accounts, just open a support ticket and we will take care of it as soon as possible.
In general, there are no limitations on the accounts. However, we are blocking some API and bulk features so members don't abuse the accounts and make them unusable for everyone.

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This is not some sale gimmick! We will close this site forever after we reach a certain amount of members. Why would we do this? Simple. To protect our accounts from prying eyes and members who would abuse the service.

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